JAVA 1945:  A Javanese girl cries in the night, agonising over what will become of her life. Can she trust the young British soldier to do the right thing?

JAVA today:  Ryan Garland, adult son of the soldier, arrives in Indonesia to unravel his late father’s secrets. Why did his dad make payments to an account in Indonesia for five decades? Who was the Asian girl in the photo he kept hidden till the day he died?  Why would he never talk to his family about his stay in Java? And who was Tiger Harry, mentioned so often in his diaries?

All is not as it might seem. Answers are hard to find and, along the way, Ryan must confront his own issues: cultural divides, tricky relationships, the local underworld and more. The finally-revealed truth about his father is surprising and unpredictable.

Find out how the story unfolds by buying a copy Mike Coppin’s recent novel, Shadow Chase, online.

Critical comment: “An ambitious novel… The reader is not only drawn into Ryan’s personal story, but also into East Java’s tumultuous history and present-day ills.” “The plot is exciting… The characterisations are really quite wonderful.”

Get your paperback copy at for the online price of only US$6.20 in Australia, New Zealand & Asia, including tax and handling. E-book version now available even cheaper, on your preferred platform (Kindle, iBook, etc).

Even if you don’t think you’ll be buying, why not check out the website for interesting articles and pics related to Indonesia?

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