About the blogger

I spent a total of six years living in Indonesia (five in Java, one in Bali) and now live in Perth, Western Australia. I’m married to a Balinese and have one son. My work history includes being a welfare worker, researcher and teacher.

At the front of our house in Bali, which is among the paddy fields in the uplands of the island

My education includes a social science degree and a grad. dip. in education. Areas of study have included modern history and politics for China, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. In the past, I’ve taught English-as-second-language, history and economics; currently, I teach business subjects.

In the past, I wrote numerous freelance articles, mainly on social welfare and Indonesian issues, printed in a range of publications.

My main interests now include reading (novels, history, anything about Indonesia), writing (creative and expository) and music (classical, jazz, 30s & 40s music).

Shadow Chase, my novel set in Java, is available as Kindle on Amazon, and as paperback for purchase online in Asia, Australia & NZ .  Check out its website at http://www.shadow-chase.com.

Mike Coppin.

3 responses to “About the blogger

  1. Your novel coming out later this year? Fantastic! Details please. Just a little dsappointed you wait till I leave Perth to publish, means I’ll miss the launch party… Unless you come to Wellington on a publicity tour, that is – I’ll be there. Or can start the fansite

  2. Mike,
    I got your book earlier this year and I’m about half way through. I’m interested in the battle of Surabaya and saw this article reposted on facebook Surabaya tempoe doeloe. It’s an Indonesian version of the battle that has scant regard for the facts and the comments are in a similar vein.

  3. Saluka kotagama

    Dear Mike,
    I have just seen your Blogg on Asian festivals and realised that Fairway Galle Literary Festival is not on your list.
    So i want to let you know of the Fairway Galle Literary Festival based in Sri Lanka. It’s such a fabulous festival which brings renowned authors from all over the world and also promoted local authors too. Please send me your email address and I will send you more information about this. My email address is salukakotagama@gmail.com


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