Writers Festivals in Asia-Pacific 2018/2019

A brief roundup of writers festivals in the Asia-Pacific region (updated 11 Nov 2018). Criteria for inclusion: proceedings must be mainly in English and the locale in the Asia-Pacific region — this includes the west coasts of the Americas, and the north and east coasts of Australia. Does not include comic, anime, zine or poetry festivals, nor book fairs. Where there are no details to hand for a festival, it is tentatively listed under the month it is usually held in.


Byron Bay Writers Festival, 3 – 5 Aug, east coast of Australia. Watch: https://byronwritersfestival.com.

Cairns Tropical Writers Festival, 10 – 12 Aug, north-east coast of Australia. Watch http://www.cairnstropicalwritersfestival.com

Sunshine Coast Readers & Writers Festival, 12 – 13 Aug, Coolum Beach, Australia. Watch: http://www.sunshinecoastreadersandwritersfestival.com.

Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, 22 – 25 Aug, Thimphu, Bhutan. Watch http://www.mountainechoes.org


Brisbane Writers Festival, 6 – 9 Sep, Queensland, Australia. Watch https://bwf.org.au.

Pebble Beach Authors & Ideas Festival, 28 – 30 Sep, Carmel, California.  Watch http://www.carmelauthors.com/

National Young Writers’ Festival, 23 – 30 Sep, Newcastle, east coast of Australia. Watch http://youngwritersfestival.org.


Litquake Festival, 11 – 20 Oct, San Francisco, USA. Watch www.litquake.org

Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival, 15 – 22 Oct, Canada. Watch http://www.writersfest.bc.ca

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, 24 – 28 Oct, Bali, Indonesia. Watch www.ubudwritersfestival.com

Bangalore Literature Festival, 27 – 28 Oct, Bengaluru, India. Watch http://bangaloreliteraturefestival.org


Kauai Writers Conference, 9 – 11 Nov, Kauai Island, Hawaii. Watch http://www.kauaiwritersconference.com

Singapore Writers Festival, 2 – 11 Nov. Watch www.singaporewritersfestival.com

Hong Kong International Literary Festival, 2 – 11 Nov. Watch http://www.festival.org.hk/

Wollongong Writers Festival, 23 – 25 Nov, east coast of Australia. The theme, What feeds you?, questions what drives creativity and how artists energise themselves. Program available under “2018 Events” at www.wollongongwritersfestival.com

George Town Literary Festival, 22 – 25 Nov, Penang, Malaysia. Theme: The state of freedom. Program out now. Watch www.georgetownlitfest.com

DECEMBER 2018: nuthin!


Fairway Galle Literary Festival, 16 – 20 Jan, Galle, Sri Lanka. Program out now. Local & international line-up includes Amit Chaudhuri & Alexander McCall Smith. Watch https://galleliteraryfestival.com

ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, 24 – 28 Jan, Diggi Palace, Rajasthani, India.  General registration open now. Program due out now. Watch http://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/

There are many other writers festivals throughout South Asia – see http://www.sangamhouse.org/literature-festivals-in-south-asia


San Francisco Writers Conference, 14 – 17 Feb, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. Goal: “to help writers become published authors”. Keynoters include thriller/romance author Catherine Coulter and writers’ writer Jane Friedman (I recommend her newsletter, Electric Speed). Watch http://sfwriters.org

Lahore Literary Festival, Pakistan. No details to hand about 2019 – was on 24-25 Feb last year. Watch http://www.lahorelitfest.com/about-llf

MARCH 2019

The Bookworm Literary Festival, Beijing, China. No details to hand for 2019 – it was on 8-15 March last year. Watch http://bookwormfestival.com

Shanghai International Literary Festival – seems to have disappeared. I’d be grateful for any information.

APRIL 2019

Newcastle Writers Festival, 5 – 7 April, east coast of Australia. Submissions for 2019 are now closed. No other details to hand. Watch www.newcastlewritersfestival.org.au

Sydney Writers Festival, 29 April – 5 May, east coast of Australia. No other details to hand. Watch https://www.swf.org.au.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, USC campus, USA. No details to hand for 2019. Watch http://events.latimes.com/festivalofbooks/festival-schedule

MAY 2019

Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival, 9 – 12 May, New Zealand. No other details yet. Watch http://www.dunedinwritersfestival.co.nz

Auckland Writers & Readers Festival, 14 – 19 May, New Zealand. No other details yet. Watch http://www.writersfestival.co.nz.

NT Writers Festival, 16 – 19 May, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Expressions of interest from writers are currently open. No other details yet. Watch http://www.ntwriters.com.au/

JUNE / JULY 2019: Apparently bibliophiles hibernate during this time.

NOTE: New Zealand Festival Writers & Readers Week, Wellington, is not on until March 2020. Watch https://www.festival.co.nz.

Irrawaddy Literary Festival, Yangon, Myanmar.  A new governing board was created in May, but no details yet of the next festival. The site says “looking forward to seeing you in 2019“. Watch www.irrawaddylitfest.com


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